Analysis of the distribution and variation of marine debris and microplastics in China's coastal waters(2020)

In recent years, marine debris and microplastics, being a major cause of environmental woes, have gained greater attention as a major concern to various constituencies. Today, work in this area is moving beyond research to tangible actions of pollution control and joint global endeavors. Reducing...

Monitoring changes in raft culture in China's coastal waters(2020)

Marine raft culture is an important form of marine aquaculture. It has three subsets, namely, floating raft culture, cage culture and longline culture. Compared to nearshore pond and mudflat aquaculture, raft culture is more difficult to manage because it is further away from the coast. Because r...

Ecosystem health assessment for typical bays in coastal China(2020)

Industry, agriculture, aquaculture, tourism and other human activities bring compounding pressures on global coastal ecosystems. According to SDG Target 14.2 of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, it is time to "sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems" and "achiev...

Ecosystem health assessment in Jiaozhou Bay, China(2019)

One of the most important approaches to ensuring the protection and sustainable development of marine environments and resources is to establish ecosystem-based management practices that maintain a healthy ocean ecosystem.

Construction and application of an integrated eutrophication assessment model for typical coastal waters of China(2019)

Land-based human activities are increasing and producing a large amount of pollutants, which have led to rapid deterioration of the eutrophication status in coastal areas via river discharges, underground waste input, or atmospheric deposition.
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